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As a leading dentist serving patients throughout the Los Angeles area, Dr. Reder can assist patients with getting the best replacement tooth options available including dentures and partial dentures. These options available at her welcoming practice in Culver City.

Dentures Q & A

by Teresa G. Reder, DDS

What are dentures? What are partial dentures?

Full dentures are made for those who have lost all of their permanent, sometimes called adult, teeth. They are held in place using adhesives or for a more permanent fit anchored with dental implants. Partial dentures are employed when an individual has lost some but not all of his or her permanent teeth. They are secured using metal plates and in some instances clips.

What are Flexi-Partials?

Flexible, partial dentures, also called Flexi-Partials, are another type of partial denture which is known for its comfort. They are made from a bendable, lightweight substances and are meant to offer greater comfort. With this type of denture, metal clips are not used to hold them in place and they are completely metal-free. Flexi-Partials can also be developed for several shades of gum tissue so that they match the patient’s own gums and look natural. They are hypoallergenic as well.

Will I receive my dentures on the same day?

Dentures are ordered following a consultation with the patient and doctor. The fabrication does take some time in most cases. However, the dentist can typically provide patients with a set of temporary dentures to use during this waiting period. If dental implants are used to anchor the dentures, the entire procedure will take a bit longer because the implant posts must fuse with the bone of the jaw to allow for a sturdy enough base to securely hold the posts in place. Temporary dentures are used in these cases as well.

When will my dentures feel natural?

Depending on which denture or partial denture is employed, some types may feel comfortable a bit quicker than others. Partial dentures are typically easier to adjust to than a full set. Additionally, dental implant anchored dentures can be much more comfortable than those secured by, sometimes messy, adhesives. To make sure that patients are able to get used to their dentures as quickly as possible doctors often recommend that they follow the directions provide at the fitting and use the dentures as frequently as possible. To help their gums and tongue with getting accustomed to the feel of the dentures, it is also suggested that patients try reading out loud. After about 14 days, dentures should feel pretty comfortable.

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