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For patients throughout Culver City and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Dr. Reder offers Invisalign® and braces consultations to help correct crowding and alignment issues. Dr. Reder is a leading provider of orthodontic services for all those throughout the area.

Invisalign® and Braces

by Teresa G. Reder, DDS

What is Done During an Orthodontic Exam and Consultation?

An orthodontic consultation will lay out a treatment program for the patient's prescribed orthodontic procedures. Ordinarily, x-rays are obtained and occasionally photos and 3D mapping as well. These assist the orthodontist in evaluating the needs of the particular person and choose which type of orthodontic option will be the best treatment for her or him. Typically, the digital x-rays only take a few minutes to perform. A soft, plastic cheek refractor will be provided for the patient so the doctor can get a clear image of the teeth and roots. Patients can certainly ask Dr. Reder any questions about their options and discuss the treatment program before it is decided upon. The orthodontist encourages parents and guardians to make sure that their children receive a consultation by the age of seven. They won’t necessarily receive treatment right away, however.

When Will My Treatment Begin?

If Dr. Reder recommends treatment, it will begin once the type has been chosen and the diagnostic work is finished. During this part of the process, impressions of the person’s teeth are fabricated and all paperwork is all completed. A fee is often required for most diagnostic procedures so the office will allow patients to take time between visits. This allows the diagnostic appointment to be scheduled when the patient is ready.

What are traditional or conventional braces?

Traditional or conventional braces use metal brackets and wires secured to teeth to shift them into the correct place slowly over time. Modern brackets are made to be tiny and new heat-activated archwires use a patient’s own body heat to help with moving teeth into place quicker. These types of braces are the least costly and can be employed to address severe crowding or alignment concerns. These braces can be seen obviously on teeth but are able to treat situation which wouldn’t be suitable for aligners.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment which uses clear, plastic pieces to move teeth into position. These aligners are practically invisible when worn, giving them their name. The aligners can also be taken out for brushing, flossing, and eating. This makes it easier to continue good oral hygiene habits during the treatment program. The aligners also do not have sharp, metal wires or edges. This makes them much more comfortable. Additionally, the aligners are fabricated in a dental lab following the completion of special imaging of the patient’s teeth. The aligners are then switched out every two weeks to help the teeth continue to move into place. The Invisalign® system can address minor to moderate alignment and crowding problems.

Which option is the right one for me?

To decide which option will be best for a particular patient’s needs Dr. Reder will need to assess and evaluate your teeth and determine how severe the crowding has become and what type of shifting will be needed. The extent of movement needed will be used to decide which type of braces or aligners are best for that particular individual. Most patients will also need to take into account how much their insurance will cover and the overall price of the treatment. The dentist will go over all the options with each patient and make sure that the best option is employed for each specific case.

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