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Dr. Reder is an expertly trained dentist who serves patients throughout Culver City and the Los Angeles area. Patients are welcome to receive treatments at her practice. Dr. Reder offers patients effective treatment and care of the tooth’s interior including root canals therapy.

Root Canal Q & A

by Teresa G. Reder, DDS

What is an Endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists who are trained to treat dental conditions and issues which have to do with the interior of the tooth like an abscess. Implant placements and restorations, root canal therapy, root canal retreatment, apicoectomies, treatment of chipped or cracked tooth, and dental emergencies are all services which an endodontist can provide to patients. These services are created to address any issues which damage the integrity and/or durability of the tooth and its structure. These procedures are usually more complex.

When Would I Need These Treatments?

If a patient has a toothache, needs a lost tooth restored, a chipped or cracked tooth repaired, or needs treatment for tender or inflamed gums he or she will work with an endodontist. The most frequently performed procedure by these doctors is root canal therapy which addresses an infected tooth and its roots.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

When a tooth is infected, also known as abscessed, the dentist will utilize a root canal to rid the patient of the decay and save the tooth from having to be pulled. The inside layer of the tooth located beneath the outer shell is a portion known as the pulp. This pulp is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues which grow the tooth root during its development. The pulp can become inflamed, generally do to infection, and when this develops the dentist will use a root canal. Infections can be the result of decay, faulty crowns, chips, and/or repeated dental treatments. An abscess can develop if the infection is not taken care of. The tooth will have to be cleaned out in order to be treated. Once this decayed tissue is removed, the cavity is sterilized. The interior is then treated by filling it with a rubber-like material. A crown or filling is then applied over the top of the tooth.

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